Summit Workshop Day

Our 2018 Workshop Day takes place on the day before the conference. Attendees will get in-depth insights into analytics, digital marketing and Webtrekk solutions. Learn from digital industry experts presenting real-life and practical digital scenarios.

Workshop seats are limited and require separate registration. Please note: participation must be confirmed after submitting the pre-registration. T&C apply.

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Collecting data is great, using it is even better.

This workshop provided a comprehensive understanding of how to use your analytics data to create segments and set up impactful remarketing campaigns. The workshop was held in German by Florian Richter, Webtrekk’s Director Implementation & Client Training and Michael Magura, Trainer Digital Analytics

Part I: Analyzing your audience

We started by getting to know the Webtrekk frontend, including the flexible Webtrekk Dashboards.

We also took a look at some of the core components of turning your data into a meaningful story: cohorts, campaign performance and onsite behavior.

Part II: Creating Segments

Next we dived into Webtrekk Audience, which lets you create and customize user segments.

You learned the ins-and-outs of Webtrekk Audience, including the important criteria to use for your segments, as well as how to create them inside the tool.

Then we looked at how those segments can be leveraged to get more out of your analytics.

Part III: Setting up a remarketing campaign

And finally, your segments come to life.

This is where we went over how to launch a remarketing campaign based on the granular data you collected and segmented.

Then you dived into how to analyze your remarketing campaign.

In today’s fast-changing and hyper-connected world businesses need to provide the best user experience to their customers.

Having strong performance indicators and delivering actionable, data-based insights is key for any successful data-driven business. Therefore, the reporting needs to be fast, dynamic and relevant in order to help making the right business decisions.

The workshop was held in English by Markus Nagel, Senior Consultant Digital Analytics.

What happened?

First, you learned how you can address the requirements of your company by creating insightful dashboards and reports with Webtrekk Analytics.

Attendees received a step-by-step guidance for creating a dashboard.

Next, we had a look at the most important Do’s and Don’ts when creating dashboards to insure the efficiency of your reports.

Also, we talked about many practical exercises in this workshop and, of course, lots of examples!

Who attended?

The course was suitable for marketers, analysts, or anyone who’d like to know more about how to create meaningful reports. There were no special requirements like technical or developer skills.

Ideally, attendees had their own Webtrekk account or test account because the majority of the workshop consisted of practical work in the tool. You also had the opportunity to work in our demo account.

Customers expect personally relevant messages at every touchpoint in their journey.

Personalization is built on data. There is a broad range of possibilities to deliver true personalization, from email targeting to personalized web experiences to mobile push notifications and much more.

Attendees joined us and our partner Emarsys to learn about and discuss options and use cases for next-generation personalization by using the right lifecycle status of your customers.

This is what happened:

Part 1: Knowledge section

You had the chance to discover the latest options for personalizing your communication with the customer.

Next, attendees dived into best practices for the usage of Webtrekk data in order to create personalized experiences.

Also, you could find out how to master your onsite personalization based on historic and real-time data.

Interesting use cases and ways to create and deploy highly personalized and strategic email campaigns were presented.

Part 2: Round table discussion

We talked about your experience with personalization!

During the round table, we discussed if you have used personalization to increase your conversion rates or which practices have worked for your company.

In this open forum, you could swap experiences and best practices for building long-term customer engagement through personalization.

Who attended?

This workshop was tailored to online marketers who wanted to
1) learn about ways to leverage their data by using personalization tactics
2) meet other marketers with the same challenges, including:
How to use Webtrekk customer data to boost revenue
How to effectively use personalization techniques, for instance personal email or onsite marketing

Apps dominate the mobile world! We spend more and more time using applications for social interactions, shopping, to get information and much more. Especially the usage of shopping apps has increased tremendously and numbers are still growing.

This makes it even more important to gather valuable information about the usage of your mobile app and to leverage this knowledge to discover new sales opportunities.

In this three-hour workshop you did not just get insights into the practical use of Webtrekk’s Analytics for Apps but also a clear overview of all analyses in the Digital Intelligence Suite which are relevant for apps.

Workshop focus I – Analytics for Apps with Webtrekk

You had the chance to find out everything about SDKs (Software Development Kits), features and use cases.

• Track everything: Learn more about the easiest way of tagging apps.
• XML Configuration: Adjust your tagging without resubmission in the app store.
• E-commerce tracking
• Media tracking
• Crash tracking
• Recommedation API

Workshop focus II – App-specific analyses in the Webtrekk Digital Intelligence Suite

• Engagement analyses (DAU/WAU/MAU)
• Retention analyses

Who attended?

The workshop was suitable for existing clients as well as anyone new to Webtrekk. There were no special requirements like technical or developing skills / knowledge, which means it was perfect for marketers (but not just them!).

Choose your workshop to find out more!

WS 1: Der Nutzer im Zentrum

mit dem Webtrekk URM/DMP
(in German)

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WS 2: The Future goes Mobile

Analytics for Apps
with Webtrekk
(in English)

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WS 3: Reise zu Marketing Automation

Personalisiertes Marketing
mit FlixBus
(in German)

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WS 4: Analytics – The Next Level.

Von reiner Analyse zum strategischen Asset
(in German)

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The Webtrekk Conference as a congress is a really nice opportunity to get insights, input from other people, how are they doing it, what challenges are they confronted with.
– Siegfried Stepke, CEO e-dialog

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