Workshop 2

Dashboards – How to make an impact with insights (in English)

  • When? 18 May 2017, 10:00 – 14:00
  • Where? TITANIC Chaussee Berlin | Chausseestraße 30 | 10115 Berlin
  • With? Markus Nagel, Head of Consulting, Webtrekk

In today’s fast-changing and hyper-connected world, businesses need to provide the best possible user experience to their customers. Having strong performance indicators and delivering actionable insights is key for any successful data-driven business. Therefore, the reporting – including meaningful dashboards – needs to be fast, dynamic and relevant in order to help making the right business decisions.

The workshop will be held in English by Markus Nagel, Senior Consultant Digital Analytics.

This is what you can expect.


This workshop will show you how you can address the requirements of your company by creating insightful dashboards and reports with Webtrekk Analytics.

In this workshop, you will receive astep-by-step guidance for creating your dashboard.

Next, we will have a look at the most important Dos and Don’ts when creating dashboards to insure the efficiency of your reports.

You can also expect many practical exercises in this workshop and, of course, lots of examples!


Who should attend?


The course is suitable for marketers, analysts, or anyone who’d like to know more about how to create meaningful reports. There are no special requirements like technical or developer skills.

Ideally, you have your own Webtrekk account or test account because the majority of the workshop consists of practical work in the tool. If not, don’t worry, you can work in our demo account.


Price for the  Workshop: €199

Please note that your participation still needs to be confirmed by Webtrekk, see T&C.

Florian Richter, Webtrekk

Markus Nagel,

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