Workshop 4

The Future goes Mobile: Analytics for Apps with Webtrekk (in English)

  • When? 18 May 2017, 10:00 – 14:00
  • Where? TITANIC Chaussee Berlin | Chausseestraße 30 | 10115 Berlin
  • With? Webtrekk

Apps dominate the mobile world! We spend more and more time using applications for social interactions, shopping, to get information and much more. Especially the usage of shopping apps has increased tremendously and numbers are still growing.

This makes it even more important to gather valuable information about the usage of your mobile app and to leverage this knowledge to discover new sales opportunities.

This is what you can expect.


In this three-hour workshop you not just get insights into the practical use of Webtrekk’s Analytics for Apps but also a clear overview of all analyses in the Digital Intelligence Suite which are relevant for apps.

Workshop focus I – Analytics for Apps with Webtrekk.

Find out everything about SDKs (Software Development Kits), features and use cases.

• Track everything: Learn more about the easiest way of tagging apps.
• XML Configuration: Adjust your tagging without resubmission in the app store.
• E-commerce tracking
• Media tracking
• Crash tracking
• Recommedation API

Workshop focus II – App-specific analyses in the Webtrekk Digital Intelligence Suite.

• Engagement analyses (DAU/WAU/MAU)
• Retention analyses

Who should attend?

The workshop is great for existing clients as well as anyone new to Webtrekk. There are no special requirements like technical or developing skills / knowledge, which means it is perfect for marketers (but not just them!).

Price for the  Workshop: €199

Please note that your participation still needs to be confirmed by Webtrekk, see T&C.


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